SyncScan 3

SyncScan 3 is 64:128PR PAUT flaw detector with total focusing method (TFM) and 4-ch TOFD, which bring more possibilities for your inspection in oil & gas, transportation, aerospace, shipbuilding, manufacturing industries.

● TFM 3D real-time imaging.
● Up to 6 TFM modes in one time.
● Support TFM image resolution 1024×1024 & raw FMC data recorded.
● 64 channel PAUT with higher sensitivity and SNR, ideal for ≥100mm thick welds.



● Fitting Curve Algorithm in TFM (Published patent)
● Free selection of TFM image resolution and support up to 1024×1024.
● TFM 3D real-time imaging, with higher resolution & more intuitive result.
● Up to 6 propagation modes can be displayed simultaneously to better identify and size flaws.
TFM for PA block type B TFM 3D real-time
64:128PR PAUT
● 2.5X faster PAUT scanning speed
● 64 channel PAUT provides better coverage and SNR, especially suitable for inspecting ≥100mm thick materials ,complex composite materials, etc.
● CAD import function for fast setup workpiece.
● PA 3D for 3D display of workpiece, probe, wedge, beam simulation and flaws.
64 channel PAUT for PA block type B
  CAD import


4 channel TOFD
● 3X faster TOFD scanning speed,
● 4-ch TOFD are especially suitable for welding inspection with thickness up to 300mm.
● Simultaneous display of TOFD + UT provides full coverage of workpiece without blind zones.
Workpiece thickness 200mm