SyncScan 2

SyncScan 2 is a 32:128PR PAUT flaw detector with optional 2-ch TOFD, which can improve your efficiency for PA and TOFD.

● Light weight: 4kg only including battery.
● Faster scan speed (Approximately 3 meters/minute).
● Removable electric fan: cool down the system when in high temperature.
● 1 or 2 ch-TOFD for your selection by license activation.
● Support UT/PA/TOFD, suitable for weld, forging and plate inspection.
● 32-channel PA is more suitable for inspection on extra-thick wall and high-attenuation material.
● 32-channel PA and 2-channel TOFD work simultaneously on pressure vessel inspection (TOFD can measure thickness up to 100mm).
● Support pitch and catch (PR) mode, corrosion inspection with dual linear array probe.
●System ports:Encoder (support biaxial coding),SD card, USB 2pcs,VGA, Ethernet.
●Probe ports: 4 ports for UT/TOFD probes, 1 port for PA probe.


PAUT Solution for Austenitic Weld
PAUT/TOFD Solution for Long-distance Pipeline
PAUT/TOFD Solution for Medium-to-large-diameter Pipe
PAUT or TOFD Solution for Small & Medium Tube Welds
PAUT/TOFD Solution for Flat Weld
PAUT Solution for Corrosion
Automatic PA Corrosion Mapping
PA Immersion Testing for Corrosion
Free 2D PA Corrosion Mapping
With dual linear array probe for detecting coarse-grained and composite materials with severe attenuation.