Leak Detection

Leak detection (or leak control) is used to detect through defects. The test substance penetrates into the defect cavity either under the action of pressure difference or under the action of capillary forces. This method allows you to control the welded joints of sheet structures, in which it is technologically impossible to create excessive pressure.


This method is suitable for:

  • sealed objects;
  • objects with one-way access to the controlled surface;
  • objects for which the method of immersion is not feasible.

Defective places detected during the test are marked near the vacuum chamber and after checking this area are transferred to the object of control. If in doubt about the confident indication of defects in a given section of the welded joint it is necessary to test it again.

As a result you will get a report with a description of the detected defects. To order the work please fill in the feedback form and our representative will contact you.

leakage test


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