Magnetic particle inspection

Magnetoscopic inspection is one of the most reliable and effective methods of non-destructive testing of metal structures. It is based on the ability of magnetic particle flux to change direction when passing through areas with defects, i.e. through areas with reduced magnetic permeability.


The magnetic particle method of nondestructive testing is actively used in various fields due to its many advantages:

  • simplicity and relatively low labor intensity of the method;
  • rapidity of measurements;
  • high sensitivity;
  • low cost of consumables;
  • demonstrativeness of the results;
  • allows you to detect flaws even at the initial stage of their appearance.

Diagnostics using the magnetic particle method is suitable for quality control of products made of ferromagnetic materials (steel, cast iron), i.e. materials with high magnetic permeability. It allows you to identify both at the stage of production and in the process of operation such thin surface and subsurface flaws of the metal, as:

  • non-fusions;
  • gas pores;
  • rolls;
  • tears
  • flokens;
  • cracks, etc.

Based on the results of the inspection you will receive a report describing the detected defects. To order the work please fill in the feedback form and our representative will contact you.

magnetic particle inspection


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